Pre-order. ‘Leaf’ (vinyl+cd deluxe set)

Leaf (small).jpg

I am very happy to tell you that the vinyl edition of my album ‘Leaf’ will be finally released on 2017 january 13rd. All this wait was really worth as in the end, typical for all the releases by the Belgian label Brooklyn Bridge Records, this will be a stunning deluxe edition, featuring a new design by Vaughan Oliver with the exquisite drawings by Claudia Pomowski. A 180 grams black vinyl with 13 tracks running at 33 rpm, it will be housed in a outer sleeve on 300 gsm ‘Curious Touch Soft Milk’ card board. This kind of card board is very expensive and it’s not frequent that you can find it in a commercial release. One of the last ones, for instance, was the Cocteau Twins’ four cd ‘Lullabies to Violaine’ deluxe set (4AD, 2005). If you own this release you know what I am talking about. Both outer and inner sleeves feature a reverse metallic pantone printing, and a 10″ format 8-page art book (this one with metallic pantone printing as well) will be part of this lovely set. A CD copy of the album will be included. This edition will be a strictly limited one-off of 250 copies. Last but not least, another very important thing to point out is that this edition of the ‘Leaf’ is how it was originally meant. Indeed, the track ‘Psalm in A minor’ will finally feature a speech by the German philosopher Eric Fromm, a spoken part that is really complementary to the track and quintessential to its meaning.

Pre-orders for this deluxe edition of ‘Leaf’ can be placed here.

Thank you


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