Stefano Guzzetti Ensemble for Dolce & Gabbana

Playing at the Piazza del Duomo in Monreale, Palermo.

Now that everything has happened and facts can be revealed, I am very happy to tell you that recently me and my ensemble (Sara Meloni at the violin, Giulia Dessy at the viola and Giada Vettori at the cello) have been asked by the stylists Dolce & Gabbana to play during their fashion show ‘Alta Sartoria Dolce & Gabbana 2017′ which took place in Palermo at Piazza del Duomo on july 8th. Playing while the models were cat walking all around us was wonderful and a bit challenging, as we had to be in perfect time with the end of the show. Anyway everything went smoothly and everyone, including the stylists, was very happy with the overall result and with how the music perfectly matched with the models’ cat walking. The atmosphere was very magical, indeed. You can see some snippets of us playing at the show here. And also, if you have a Facebook account, you can watch all the fashion show here.

Stefano Guzzetti Ensemble. Totally dressed in D&G before the show.

After the show we also had the pleasure to play at the after-dinner party at the Chiostro di Monreale, basically a few meters behind the place where the fashion show was held. On the day after, on july 9th, we also had the pleasure of playing at the final private party that took place at the Castello Lanza Branciforte di Trabia, near Palermo as well. A beautiful castle near the seaside, a magical place that was really the perfect match for something like that. Last but not least, during all the days we were there, we had the privilege of being filmed by the Oscar winning director Giuseppe Tornatore, who was there as he was commissioned shooting all the events in order to make a documentary out of the ‘Alta Sartoria Dolce & Gabbana 2017’. Needless to say, we can’t wait to watch it.

After our concert at the Castello Lanza Branciforte di Trabia.
Enjoying the party, because life is beautiful.


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