New release. ‘Japanese Notebooks’ (pre-order)

02 Front Sleeve 02.jpg

I am very happy to announce the release of my new album, now on pre-order, and out on 2017 november 9th on all digital shops and in a limited edition compact disc.

‘Japanese Notebooks’ is my personal interpretation of Igort’s graphic novel bearing the same title. I started writing the tracks of this album after meeting him and discovering his works and enchanting worlds, so this is an intimate view of Japan through my music and Igort’s beautiful drawings. A deep immersion into Japanese old and recent culture, passing through strong and angular figures like Yukio Mishima and Junichiro Tanizaki, the inner peace of the long walks of poet Matsuo Basho, or the silent altitudes of the long gone Ryounkaku tower in the Asakusa district of Tokyo. The closing track of the album, ‘Thirteen petals (Kiku)’, is a string trio in the name of the beauty found in simple things; a recurrent concept in Japanese culture as well.

Following the handcrafted tradition of Stella Recordings, the physical version of this release will be a limited edition of 300 copies, handmade and numbered. It will feature a four page booklet, a set of four postcards, a glass master cd, and a download code to all audio formats and additional content. Everything will then be tied up in a thick cardboard folded sleeve which will be lined by an external obi / fascia.

All the drawings featured in ‘Japanese Notebooks’ are taken from those that Igort originally included in his books back in 2015.

Stefano Guzzetti. Piano, electronics, field recordings
Simone Soro. Violin
Giulia Dessy. Viola
Gianluca Pischedda. Cello

Below you can listen to some preview tracks and eventually pre-order the album.

Hope you enjoy.

05 Whole package.jpg06 CD audio and download ticket.jpg07 Four pages booklet (page 1).jpg
08 Four pages booklet (pages 2 and 3).jpg09 Four pages booklet (page 4).jpg10 Four postcards set.jpg11 Rear of each postcard.jpg12 Folding package.jpg


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