2020 Editions / 2K001

Artist: Gianluca Pischedda
Title: Alone
Release Date: 2020 October 23rd
Cat. No: 2K001
Formats: Digital, Compact Disc (purchase here)

1. Sphera (3:12)
2. Alma (3:58)
3. Baranta (3:33)
4. Vetra (3:28)
5. Hydra (3:30)
6. Finally (3:04)
7. Paul (5:01)
8. Twins (4:03)

Gianluca Pischedda. Cello

Written by Gianluca Pischedda
Arranged by Gianluca Pischedda and Stefano Guzzetti
Recorded and mixed by Stefano Guzzetti
Mastered by Ian Hawgood
Produced by Stefano Guzzetti

Design and photography by Chris Bigg
All tracks copyright protected

Gianluca Pischedda is a hugely talented cello player and composer, both a classically trained musician and a curious and venturous soul. “Alone”, his first album, features some themes and melodies that, in their first form, were composed during the past years on a loop machine, like a sort of personal diary. Later these tracks abandoned their vertical arrangement to embrace a new horizontal one, spiced with some subtle electronics as well. The music of Gianluca is full of passion, melancholy and energy, bringing the listener through paths of both introspection and joy.

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