2020 Editions / Ian Hawgood

Ian Hawgood is the mastering engineer for all 2020 Editions’ audio releases. He is a Brighton based ambient artist who is well established for his many solo and collaborative works. He was the original curator of the Home Normal, Nomadic Kids Republic, Koen Music and Tokyo Droning labels during his ten years in Japan. Since moving back to the United Kingdom in 2019, he now runs Mokoshi Mastering and Home Normal from his seaside studio which also houses his extensive reel-to-reel collection. His main discipline as of 2020 is his continued use of piano + harmonium tape loops. Among his many collaborative works are: Slow Reels (Morr Music), Lantscap (Infraction), Monogoto (12k), Kinder Scout (Preco), Rion (Hibernate), Ouvala (Fluid Audio), Observatories (Laaps, Dauw), The Wading Choir (with Aaron Martin), Rosales (with Bradley Deschamps). He is also the founder of the Black Elk Quartet and Tiny Isles.

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