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Jorge Moniz (Barreiro, 1973) studied at the Academy de Amadores and the National Conservatoire, where he completed the 7th grade of the Piano course. Simultaneously, he studied drums at the Hot Club of Portugal Jazz School. He has a degree in Composition from the Lisbon School of Music (1999) and a Master in Ethnomusicology from the New University of Lisbon (2007), as well as a PhD in Arts about Film Music from the Faculty of Letters of Lisbon in 2017. He teaches at the Regional Conservatory of Setúbal, Lusíada University of Lisbon and Luiz Villas-Boas Jazz School of the Hot Club of Portugal. He was the founder of the Barreiro Jazz School in 1999. Throughout his career as a musician, he has collaborated and recorded on numerous projects, mainly in the ​​Jazz domain. In 2010, he released his first album in his own name with the title “Deambulações” which was widely acclaimed by critics. His 2nd album, entitled “Inquieta Luz”, arrived in 2014. He is currently part of, among other projects, the quartet of Beatriz Nunes (since 2012), and collaborated with her on “Canto Primeiro”, an album published in 2018. He plays with singer Paulo Ribeiro, with whom he has developed numerous projects over the last few years. Recently, in partnership with Luís Barrigas and João Custódio, he created the album “Indra”. He works intensively in the field of theatre and film composition, having recently composed the soundtrack for Dean Radovanovic’s “Katabatik Fisherman” (2018). In addition to his activity as a musician and composer, he develops ethnomusicological research in ​​Cante Alentejano. Moniz is currently the artistic director of international jazz festival “Jazz no Parque” in Barreiro (Portugal).

2K007. Jorge Moniz. Cinematheque (February 2022)

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