2020 Editions / Mario Massa

Trumpeter and composer, seeing Don Cherry and Lester Bowie performing live when he was a kid and being aware of the world of Jon Hassel were true evolutionary moments for him as a performer. When playing, he tends to let go the space-time relationship and then rebuild it. With more than twenty official records produced so far, his rich and delicate sound can easily be the best fit with electronic music. One of his main interests is the contemporary interaction between arts in general. He has worked with the established sound artist Saffronkeira on their collaboration album “Cause and Effect”, released by the German label Denovali in 2013. After that, the duo extensively toured worldwide to promote their music. He has also collaborated with artists like David Shea, Elio Martusciello, Don Moye, Paolo Angeli, the Columbia Pictures Orchestra of Chicago, Michel Petrucciani, Antonello Salis, Henning Friman, Paolo Fresu, Peter Waters, Michael Neff, Dusty Kid and the Californian artist Z’ev. In 2020 the acclaimed film director Antonio Capuano chose his composition “Diamante” for the soundtrack of his movie “Il buco in testa”. Since October 2020 Mario Massa has moved in Finland with his wife, a theatre and voice performer whom he works with, and with their two years old child.

2K005. Mario Massa & Stefano Guzzetti. Duo but not Two (October 2021)

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