2020 Editions / My Home, Sinking

My Home, Sinking is the chamber-ambience “band-project” of Enrico Coniglio, incorporating a wide slew of stylistic choices including ambient, post-folk & modern classical, all tied up in a wintery mood. Since its first appearance in 2013 with the omonimous album titled “My Home, Sinking” (Fluid Audio), this project has represented the meeting point for artists with multiple musical abilities and different backgrounds. Four years after the latest work “King of Corns” (Infraction Records), the project returns to show new signs of life.

“Let it fall” contains tracks ranging from drowsy ambient atmosphere to arranged avant-pop songs featuring the superb voice of Lindsay Anderson (L’Altra band), amazingly recorded by John Hughes at HFT Studio, Chicago (US). Here the acoustic piano and the electric guitars are enhanced by winds and strings arrangements, immersed in a shimmering clouds of synths and punctuated, on a couple of occasions, by a bass and some jazzy drums. This is an album where ambient atmospheres and pop songs are blended at their best, for a dreamy walk in a country all covered in white snow, along woods and mountain walls.

2K003. My Home, Sinking. Let it Fall (March 2021)

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