Waves on Canvas. Angel (digital reissue)

Dear friends and supporters, I am so glad to finally share the first of four digital reissues of works of mine that feature the iconic and sadly missing British designer Vaughan Oliver (4AD, David Sylvian, Pixies). “Angel” was the first single of my long gone Waves on Canvas project, and it was originally released in November 2011 as a limited edition clear 7″ vinyl on the now defunct Dublin based label Psychonavigation Records. This single features the wonderful voice of Louise Rutkowski (This Mortal Coil, Craig Armstrong, The Hope Blister) and it was backed with a remix by the iconic producer John Fryer (This Mortal Coil, 4AD, HIM). On this occasion I’ve also uploaded on YouTube the original video clip of this song, directed by my hugely talented friend Enrico Ciccu. I have fond memories of the production process of this one, we had lots of fun and the result, even if stronger than expected, was really great.

Thank you very much for watching, listening and for your support.
Stefano / 2020 Editions

Listen / buy here.
Watch the video clip here.

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