Together Apart (out now)

Very happy to be featured in “Together Apart”, a new collaboration album by composer Vince Pope (Black Mirror, Screw, Tigers Are Not Afraid). Released today on all streaming platforms along with a beautiful book, it features contributions by such artists like Lambert, Sophie Hutchings, Dmitry Evgrafov, Luca Longobardi, Tom Ashbrook, Wide Eyed, Hideyuki Hashimoto, StefanContinua a leggere “Together Apart (out now)”

DUET LAYERS (7K! Records, November 4th 2022)

So happy to announce that a track from my collaboration project with Neil Leiter of Echo Collective will be featured on “Duet Layers”, out on November 4th on the 7K! label (vinyl and digital) and featuring artists like Hania Rani, Colin Stetson, Simon Goff, Niklas Paschburg, Laura Masotto and many others. We can’t say we’reContinua a leggere “DUET LAYERS (7K! Records, November 4th 2022)”

Leaf (digital reissue)

Dear everyone,here is the last re-release of a work of mine featuring the artwork by the British designer Vaughan Oliver. While digging in the archives and folders, I stumbled in a presentation letter I’ve penned down in April 2014, which perfectly describes this important work of mine. ‘Leaf’ is my new work, and it’s inspiredContinua a leggere “Leaf (digital reissue)”

Ensemble (digital reissue)

Dear friends and supporters, while I’m still re-releasing my works featuring the artwork by the British designer Vaughan Oliver, today the album “Ensemble” marks the third appointment in this summer campaign.  This album was my attempt to transpose on CD what was my back then live set. It also was the starting point of my previousContinua a leggere “Ensemble (digital reissue)”

Waves on Canvas. Into the Northsea (digital reissue)

Dear friends and supporters, here is the second reissue from the releases of mine that featured the work of the design maestro Vaughan Oliver (4AD, David Sylvian, Pixies). This sleeve also features a stunning photography by Marc Atkins. “Into the Northsea” is the album I released in 2012 as Waves on Canvas both in CD andContinua a leggere “Waves on Canvas. Into the Northsea (digital reissue)”

Waves on Canvas. Angel (digital reissue)

Dear friends and supporters, I am so glad to finally share the first of four digital reissues of works of mine that feature the iconic and sadly missing British designer Vaughan Oliver (4AD, David Sylvian, Pixies). “Angel” was the first single of my long gone Waves on Canvas project, and it was originally released inContinua a leggere “Waves on Canvas. Angel (digital reissue)”

Aurora (new track)

‘Aurora’ is a new track from my forthcoming album “Letters from Nowhere – Piano Book Volume Three” out on Home Normal at the end of this year. As of now, this track is part of “Thank You”, a wonderful free compilation previewing all the future releases of the label. Needless to say, I feel luckyContinua a leggere “Aurora (new track)”