Himitsu. Drafts, live and forgotten music

Title. Himitsu. Drafts, live and forgotten music
Label. Stella Recordings
Cat. ID. SR10CD(JP)
Format. Limited edition handmade CD – 50 copies (sold out)
Release date. July 6th, 2018

  1. Why do you love me? (demo) (Home, July 16th, 2017) (04:36)
  2. In the distance (Home, June 25th, 2017) (03:08)
  3. East (Irma’s house – February 25th, 2016) (03:11)
  4. Piggy in the clouds (Irma’s house – January 13th, 2016) (03:34)
  5. All the places of the world (Nara, April 17th 2017) (03:21)
  6. Welcome (Nara, 17th 2017) (03:40)
  7. Womb (Nara, April 17th 2017) (03:26)
  8. Recurrent dreams (Home, April 20th, 2016) (04:59)
  9. Clock (Home, April 20th, 2016) (04:46)

Stefano Guzzetti. PIano, glockenspiel

This album is a collection of ideas, live tracks and forgotten music, and it has been intentionally assembled to celebrate my Japan tour in July 2018. A very limited CD edition of 50 copies has also been produced and it was strictly meant to be sold at concerts in Japan.

1, 2. Developed after some piano improvisations and recorded at home in June and July 2017.
3, 4. Recorded at Irma Toudjian’s house during the pre-production process for ‘Short Stories. Piano Book Volume Two’ in winter 2015.
5, 6 & 7. Played at Sonihouse, Nara, Japan on April 17th, 2017. Recorded by Keishiro Iwatani.
8,9. Recorded at home on April 20th 2016 after some jet lag issues and a week of insomniac nights.

Thank you. Irma Toudjian, Manpei Tsurubayashi, Anna Hasegawa and Nagahisa Tabana for friendship and hospitality, Keishiro Iwatani for assistance.

Produced and mastered by Stefano Guzzetti in June 2018
Design, photography and packaging by Stefano Guzzetti

All tracks copyright protected
Published by Mute Song Ltd.

Here are some pictures of the limited edition CD (50 handmade and numbered copies). This edition is sold out.

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