Two tracks from the ‘Japanese Notebooks’ on BBC Radio Ulster

Happy to be featured again on Stephen McCauley’s ‘Soundscapes’ on BBC Radio Ulster, this time with not one but two tracks, which are ‘New Day (Tokyo)’ and ‘Kiku (Thirteen petals)’. A big thank you to Stephen for choosing again my music for his beautiful and interesting radio program. Here is the link to the episode…

Short Stories reviewed on Beach Sloth

Seems like my forthcoming solo piano album is already generating some reviews, and it’s a good sign for sure. We can also say that this sign is great, rather than good, given the lovely words Beach Sloth spent on the listening experience of my tracks. Needless to say, I am very happy about it, also…

Piano Book Volume Two. Score book (preview)

I am so happy to see the score book of my new piano solo album out on Home Normal this spring. These scores will be part of the deluxe limited edition, which will also feature a lovely outer cover in Japanese washi handcrafted paper. Lush to say the least. Stay tuned. You can pre-order or…

Official Spotify playlist. ‘Piano Study’

Lovely to be featured with my track ‘The road to you’ on a new official Spotify playlist called ‘Piano Study‘, along big names like Philip Glass, Jon Hopkins and Michael Nyman, but also with such talented friends like Fabrizio Paterlini and Bruno Bavota.

Short Stories. Piano Book Volume Two (pre-order)

After about four years, I am very happy to announce the release of the second volume of my Piano Books series. It will be entitled ‘Short Stories. Piano Book Volume Two’ and it will be out on Home Normal, on April 27th. It will be available as a numbered special edition CD (A5 40 page artist…

In the studio with Stefano Guzzetti (Headphone Commute)

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Headphone Commute for their lovely ‘In the studio with…’ series. We talked about music on mostly all degrees. How it started, the equipment I used and the one I currently use, how the creative process starts and keep developing, and so on. I hope this could…

Manga Do!

Con grande gioia annuncio che il documentario sui ‘Quaderni Giapponesi’ di Igort, diretto da Domenico Distilo e dal titolo ‘Manga Do’, di cui ho composto la colonna sonora, sta per essere completato. Qua potete guardare il teaser del documentario. A presto per ulteriori aggiornamenti.

Sold out

SOLD OUT. All copies of this vinyl 10″ beautifully designed by Chris Bigg are gone. Thanks a lot to all the people who support my music. You are awesome. This year sees some scheduled releases as well, the first of them will be in spring. Stay tuned.

Happy New Year

See you all in 2018, for a year full of new music and exciting ventures. I wish each one of you every thing you’d love to happen. Thank you again for your wonderful and lovely support. Hugs,