Rockerilla (n.452, Aprile 2018)
Quattro anni fa, Stefano Guzzetti spogliava per la prima volta la sua espressione artistica delle componenti elettroniche di Waves On Canvas per presentarsi in una scarna dimensione pianistica, da allora coltivata anche in forme più articolate. Il secondo capitolo del suo Piano Book replica gli emozionali contorni notturni del precedente episodio, regalando nove incantevoli miniature pennellate da armonizzazioni compunte e misurate progressioni. Vi è un qualcosa di palpitante e sospeso tra le note dell’artista sardo, il cui approccio istintivo esalta i naturali caratteri del pianoforte in equilibrio tra grazia e pathos. (Raffaello Russo)

Beach Sloth. March 30th, 2018
Stefano Guzzetti delves into a compassionate temperament with the soothing “Short Stories. Piano Book Volume Two”. Keeping things stripped down the essentials allows him to show off his undeniable chops. An impressionistic mode comes to inform the entirety of the collection, at times making his work akin to the similarly emotionally resonant work of Claude Debussy. By avoiding a traditional route, Stefano Guzzetti gives these pieces such a warm, inviting presence. Never overstaying his presence, Stefano Guzzetti’s playing works akin to that of a conversation between old friends, letting every single note resonate strongly. Very tactile “Apertura” is so finely produced that every single movement is fully felt. Rhythms are established, broken up, and reframed in fantastic new ways. Slow-moving and slow-building “Hands” goes for a contemplative mood. Quite dramatic the flourishes of “Tecla (II)” explores rich resonate lower register tones. The quiet solitude of “Welcome” feels so real and so satisfying. Nearly pastoral “Namida” goes for something quite delicate, for every single key feels carefully considered. Stefano Guzzetti lets the space in between sounds come to further sculpt the piece. A wintery presence comes into effect on the tender “Be my shelter”. Sounds echo off into the distance on the dreamy “The sky is clear now”. “Nuvole Iontane” closes the album off with hypnotic cyclical rhythms, becoming ever more mysterious with each reiteration. On “Short Stories. Piano Book Volume Two” Stefano Guzzetti taps into a quietly powerful mood, one that at times becomes so spellbinding. (read the original article here)

Independent Clauses. March 22nd, 2018
“The sky is clear now” – Stefano Guzzetti. It’s one thing to write an album of solo piano works, but it’s quite another to create an album of very high quality in the genre. Guzzetti clearly knows what he is doing–instead of just creating a beautiful melody or an intriguing bass hand, he sets the mood and tone for the piece as it is going along. There are some other sounds to help create the relaxed, somewhat melancholy mood, but it’s mostly the carefully curated tone of the piano, the subtle timing of the notes, and the relationships between the low end and the treble that create this enveloping mood. A beautiful entry into the genre. (read the original article here)