Reviews. Waiting for Spring

Stationary Travels (December 21st, 2016)
Released to celebrate Guzzetti’s first official tour of Japan, Waiting for Spring is a compilation of rarities, album outtakes, and demos that blends together surprisingly well. Included here is a demo of a track from his forthcoming second volume in the At Home – Piano Book series as well as a contribution to Nils Frahm’s Screws Reworked project. Jump around or listen all the way through – either way there is lots to enjoy here even as it demonstrates the broad range of the composer’s style & imagination. The very limited handmade CD edition of Waiting for Spring is intended to be sold only at his shows, but a digital copy can be obtained from both the Stella Recordings and Home Normal Bandcamp sites. Note: there is a slight difference between these releases – the Stella edition replaces “Scusa (end titles)” with a bonus remix track. ‘春を待っています (Waiting for Spring)’ is available in digital from Home Normal and directly from the artist. A very limited number of CDs were produced to be sold at concerts only. (Brian Housman)

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