Ensemble (digital reissue)

Dear friends and supporters, 
while I’m still re-releasing my works featuring the artwork by the British designer Vaughan Oliver, today the album “Ensemble” marks the third appointment in this summer campaign. 

This album was my attempt to transpose on CD what was my back then live set. It also was the starting point of my previous label Stella Recordings, a place where I took the pleasure of producing hand made and numbered limited CD editions in a special Japanese-like style (just for you to know, something in the same style will come back soon on 2020 Editions as well).

The Belgian label Brooklyn Bridge Records also produced this album on a lush 2×10″ deluxe vinyl set, featuring the artwork by Japanese legend Shinro Ohtake and a stunning design by Vaughan Oliver.

You can still buy a copy of the vinyl deluxe edition here.

“Ensemble” features the first version of my string trio, with Simone Soro at the violin, Giulia Dessy at the viola and Gianluca Pischedda at the cello. 

You can watch a five tracks video of a concert in Dordrecht (Netherlands) from this period here.

Last but not least, this album features “Nana”, a composition by the Spanish composer Manuel De Falla (1876-1946), a wonderful music I will always dearly love.

Thank you very much for your support
Stefano / 2020 Editions

Waves on Canvas. Into the Northsea (digital reissue)

Dear friends and supporters, here is the second reissue from the releases of mine that featured the work of the design maestro Vaughan Oliver (4AD, David Sylvian, Pixies). This sleeve also features a stunning photography by Marc Atkins. “Into the Northsea” is the album I released in 2012 as Waves on Canvas both in CD and Deluxe Double Vinyl on two different labels. This long deleted work (I always struggled with its mix and some other details, and that’s why I have a remixed and expanded version of this album in the works to be released soon on CD and under my own name) is now available in its original version on Bandcamp after about ten years and soon it will be on most streaming platforms as well. This album features the talents of such artists like Louise Rutkowski (This Mortal Coil, Craig Armstrong, The Hope Blister), Ian Masters (Pale Saints), Pieter Nooten (Clan of Xymox) and Yvette Winkler (Vaselyne). I remember being so thrilled to work with these generous people, and with some of them we even became (and still are) close friends. For this occasion I’ve also uploaded on YouTube the videoclip of the song “Frozen (featuring Pieter Nooten and Yvette Winkler)”. This video is particularly dear to me as it features my beloved and now gone father while driving and remembering the most beautiful moments of his life (all 8mm footage are taken from my family archives). The direction of this clip is by my talented friend Daniele Atzeni.

Thanks you very much for your support.
Stefano / 2020 Editions

Listen / buy here.
Watche the video clip here.

Waves on Canvas. Angel (digital reissue)

Dear friends and supporters, I am so glad to finally share the first of four digital reissues of works of mine that feature the iconic and sadly missing British designer Vaughan Oliver (4AD, David Sylvian, Pixies). “Angel” was the first single of my long gone Waves on Canvas project, and it was originally released in November 2011 as a limited edition clear 7″ vinyl on the now defunct Dublin based label Psychonavigation Records. This single features the wonderful voice of Louise Rutkowski (This Mortal Coil, Craig Armstrong, The Hope Blister) and it was backed with a remix by the iconic producer John Fryer (This Mortal Coil, 4AD, HIM). On this occasion I’ve also uploaded on YouTube the original video clip of this song, directed by my hugely talented friend Enrico Ciccu. I have fond memories of the production process of this one, we had lots of fun and the result, even if stronger than expected, was really great.

Thank you very much for watching, listening and for your support.
Stefano / 2020 Editions

Listen / buy here.
Watch the video clip here.

Aurora (new track)

‘Aurora’ is a new track from my forthcoming album “Letters from Nowhere – Piano Book Volume Three” out on Home Normal at the end of this year. As of now, this track is part of “Thank You”, a wonderful free compilation previewing all the future releases of the label. Needless to say, I feel lucky and honoured. On first place to be friends with such a wonderful person (aka Ian Hawgood), and then to be in such a great company with hugely talented people like Federico Durand, Wil Bolton, James Murray, Stijn Hüwels, Ghost & Tape, David Cordero, Anthéne, Kenji Kihara. Fields We Found and Modular Sleep Patterns. Last but not least, I am so thrilled to say that the sleeve of my new album will feature a wonderful photography by Fiorella Sanna.

Thank you for listening.