Alone (night music for piano solo)

Title. Alone (night music for piano solo)
Label. Stella Recordings
Cat. ID. SR06CD
Format. Limited edition handmade CD – 100 copies (sold out)
Release date. April 11st, 2017

  1. Home (3:16)
  2. Sleepless (4:18)
  3. Alone (4:00)
  4. Night (4:58)
  5. Moonlit (3:49)
  6. Berceuse (3:26)
  7. Closer (4:07)
  8. Fade (7:01)

Stefano Guzzetti. Piano

This is an album made to celebrate my forthcoming spring tour in Germany (Essen, Potsdam), Japan (Osaka, Nara and Tokyo) and Italy (Cagliari). It is also a collection of pieces I played during the nights of 2016. Putting the felt to the piano strings so as not to disturb the people nearby, I loved playing delicate and quiet melodies which lulled myself. After about a year, I decided to expand and arrange them as they are presented now. I am pleased to present to you my first album of night music.

Written during the nights of 2016.
Recorded and mastered in February and March 2017.

Artwork by Gianluca ‘Marjani‘ Marras
Packaging, sleeve design and manufacturing by Stefano Guzzetti

All tracks copyright protected. All righrs reserved.
Published by Mute Song Ltd.
(P) and (C) 2017 Stella Recordings

A Stella Recordings product

Here are some pictures of the limited edition CD (100 handmade and numbered copies). This edition is sold out.

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