(encore) Ensemble

Title. (encore) Ensemble
Label. Stella Recordings
Cat. ID. SR09LP
Format. Gatefold 10″ vinyl – 250 copies (sold out), limited handmade CD edition – 100 copies (sold out)
Release date. December 23rd, 2017

Following the 2015 release, ’(encore) Ensemble’ is the final chapter in the Ensemble release series by composer Stefano Guzzetti. These eight compositions were arranged for the acoustic program (made up of piano, violin, viola and cello) of the Ensemble that were played by Stefano Guzzetti and his performers in recent concerts, including the acclaimed one-off performance for stylists Dolce & Gabbana in July 2017.

This album will be released at the end of 2017 on a lovely gatefold vinyl edition, mastered by Ian Hawgood and featuring stunning design work by Chris Bigg, the long time exclusive designer of David Sylvian and frequent collaborator of 4AD Records.

Spring 2018 will also see the release of the limited and the regular cd editions of ‘(encore) Ensemble’. The first one will be a 100 edition, with each package featuring a different sleeve, as all of them will be hand drawn by Chris Bigg himself. The second one will be a digicard edition.

All music written and produced by Stefano Guzzetti
Mastered from reel to reel tape by Ian Hawgood

Stefano Guzzetti. piano
Sara Meloni. violin
Giulia Dessy. viola
Gianluca Pischedda. cello

Design, collage and calligraphy by Chris Bigg

All tracks copyright protected
Published by Mute Song Ltd.
(P) and (C) 2017 Stella Recordings

Here are some pictures of the limited edition gatefold 10″ vinyl (250 copies).

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