Title. Interludi
Label. Stella Recordings

Cat. ID. SR12EP
Format. Limited edition, heavy weight, clear 7″ vinyl (250 copies)
Release date. February 22nd, 2019

Cat. ID. SR12EP(CD)
Format. Deluxe CD edition, hand made, signed and numbered (100 copies)
Release date. April 15th, 2019

Stefano Guzzetti. Piano, glockenspiel, electronics
Sara Meloni. Violin
Giulia Dessy. Viola
Gianluca Pischedda. Cello
Elena Schirru. Soprano voice on “Why do you love me?”

Written and Produced by Stefano Guzzetti in late 2018
Mastered by Ian Hawgood

Design and Calligraphy by Chris Bigg

All tracks copyright protected
Published by Mute Song Ltd.

for Matthias and Klaus

Here are some pictures of the limited vinyl and CD editions of ‘Interludi’ which are now sold out. You may try to find a copy on Discogs.

E7EDB0F9-2AB8-4DCC-A05B-50E732F43DC0 (1).jpg
C110E097-736D-42EE-BF23-E4F6D9AD8405 (1).jpg
9FB5A759-A79C-48C9-AB09-54034CACB446 (1).jpg
5EAEDAD0-CC3D-4430-A40C-8B687B612F06 (1).jpg
1F51EF61-A5C8-4DB2-9D61-EFC9F8CBEE8A (1).jpg
4FCE3872-BC2D-4910-9EC9-B786FED60A0C (1).jpg
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