Title. Lumen
Label. 2020 Editions
Cat. ID. 2K004
Format. Six pages digisleeve CD edition
Release date. May 28th, 2021

The title of this album is the latin word for ‘little flame’, mostly meant as the light of a candle. Something that, even if small, is metaphorically wide and vast. A light can be perceived as a gesture of faith, of perseverance against the adversities, of pure love or the essence of life. The purpose of this collection of music is to portray different aspects of love as meant in its different incarnations: being it faith, passion, or even hate. While writing the tracks for “Lumen”, the intention of the composer was to produce a very cinematic kind of music, something that could interact with the listener by also evoking images and scenes.

To the beauty of flowers, to the power of nature. I have seen again the poppies that were previously bright, coloured, splendid, now dull, faded, lifeless. Caducity of things, of living beings, of feelings. But then I saw a cascade of capers: bad name, sour taste but shiny, bright leaves and incredibly delicate flowers. (Pina Delrio, 2015)

Per Lorenzo. Una nuova Luce in questo mondo

Written and produced by Stefano Guzzetti

Autumn 2017 – Winter 2020

Stefano Guzzetti: Piano, Glockenspiel, Electronics, Field Recordings

Angelica Perra: Flute
Sara Meloni: Violin
Giulia Dessy: Viola
Gianluca Pischedda: Cello

Mastered by Ian Hawgood

Design, Analogue ‘Lumen’ and Calligraphy by Chris Bigg
Photography by Martin Andersen

Thank you for friendship and support during these years:
Igor Tuveri, Domenico Distilo, Giovanni Piliarvu, Antonio Cortesi and all the staff at Believe, Lisa Gerrard, Matthias Walzner, Klaus Tackenberg, Tommy Grotterød and Mette Thurmann-Moe, Bernd Hugo Sara Meloni, Giulia Dessy, Gianluca Pischedda, Ian Hawgood and Leonora Sophie, Antonio Norfo, David McGinnis, Simon Ballard, Neil Leiter, Margaret Hermant, Carlo Garrè, Christian Badzura, Ian Masters and Minori Yonetani, Manpei Tsurubayashi and Anna Hasegawa at Sonihouse, Yoko Komatsu and Naruki Kurokawa at Fluss, Hironori Watanabe and all the people at El Nague, Shin Ohsaki at P*Dis, Osamu Matsumoto at Linus Records.

A special thank you to:
Ivo Watts-Russell and Chris Bigg for shaping this work in the most proper frame.

Published by Mute Song Ltd.
All rights reserved

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